Planning Dropped Crystal’s Week

Planning my week?  In my corporate life, I found out planning my day was pretty much a lost cause.  If I planned my tasks for the day too tightly, I was guaranteed that something would come up that dictated a complete change and ALL my planning for that day went down the drain.  I started to plan only those tasks that had to be done and a wish list of things to fill in the gaps.

Now, I’m Dropped Crystal and the planning is completely different.  I should be creating the lampwork beads, making jewellery, creating cards, taking photos of everything, posting the results, updating my website, updating my ETSY store (Dropped Crystal), mailing out orders, ensuring I have enough inventory, making sure my keywords are appropriate, checking out the various analytics and keeping my life intact.  It really doesn’t sound like much when I put it this way.  Maybe getting my tasks done isn’t all that hard… Yeah, right.  Keeping my life intact seems to take way too much time.  I like sitting at the torch and working with the molten glass.  I should do more of it, but there’s always something else that thinks it’s more important.

I’ve been reading a lot of information from others on planning.  I’m trying to get those ideas incorporated into my schedule.  For example, Sundays are planning days, Monday is for sitting at the torch, Tuesday is for making jewellery, and so on.  It seems like it should work and I think it will, eventually.  Maybe it’s me just wanting some perfection, somewhere in my life.  I said years ago, calling yourself a perfectionist is just an excuse for not getting anything done.  (I almost got punched for that, but I still believe it is true.)  Perfection is great, but who gets to decide what is perfect?  My planning is not perfect, I am more easily distracted than I used to be.  (Like just now, I had to go brush a cat.)  I keep thinking I want to plan on one Sunday and have an entire week go the way I’ve planned.  Maybe the problem is my 7 days or 5 days in a row isn’t the traditional Sunday to Saturday or Monday to Friday?  In pursuit of perfection, maybe I’m getting bogged down in the details.  I know that’s just silly, so I’ll keep working on the planning and get better in the execution.  Just writing this out is helping to clarify some of the problems.

What I have managed to do is set up a pattern to write these notes.  It may not sound like much, but it’s a start.

I’ll send this out into the flame and see you soon.

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